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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Every so often we move around making choices for ourselves and our current emotions ignorant of how our choices affect the entire world around us. “I am hungry and I don’t feel like cooking, let me pick up something quick to eat”. “I want _______________ but I can’t afford it right now….oh! Let me ___________________ so I can get it.” Simple choices we make daily, even hourly, assuming that it only affects ourselves or satisfies our current feelings; without paying attention or with no regard to the world around us.

We often wonder and ask ourselves, “How did the world, church and government become so corrupt, violent, harsh, and ugly?” Hmmm….. Is it possible that we follow the example of what was laid before us rather than choosing to subject to a new way? Have we taken on the attitude of ‘this is who I am so deal with it;’ even though many of us don’t even like who we are or the way that we eat and other choices we make?

Effortless choices we make have lasting effects on the generation behind. Often times, we are actually guided by our emotions to make choices, and when we do it’s the wrong choice and it may have a negative impact on the ones that follow or surround us. It is often wise to sit back and exhale before making even small choices in our lives. We ought to access the situations properly, then, make the best possible decision- one that we will be satisfied with in our present state and in the future.

It is a fact that decision making isn’t always easy. Many times we rely on our moral code, coupled with emotions to do so. There are even times we are unable to make a decision on our own. Be very careful though, when being assisted by a friend or whomever, be sure that persons are unbiased and won’t allow their emotions to guide their advice.

In the first paragraph, I spoke of situations such as food and wants but we also have many issues such as words that come from our mouth towards others, giving up on or holding on to relationships, jobs, decision on our health and many more. A huge emotion that keeps us back is fear. Reminder…… it is ok to go forward afraid.

I just wrote this to remind myself, as well as you, to relax and exhale before making decisions because you are not the only person affected by your decision. You have the ability to hurt or heal an entire generation…. Pick the best H.

Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you! …Corrupting MANY!!

Love Yah

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