About Kimberley

Kimberley Ritter

Kimberley R. Ritter

Certified Temperament Life Coach

Kimberley Ritter is impacting lives. Passionate about her very own personal relationship with her Creator, she is infectiously causing others to recognize that the keys to their own success in life are within.  Just one member of a large dynamic extended family, Kimberley’s role as the “go-to” person sort of just evolved!  It was such a natural thing to seek her out for guidance when there was unrest or distress. Family-defined as “the peace-maker, chief negotiator, and stimulating motivator”, Kimberley Ritter, Certified Temperament Life Coach is ordained to guide others past the “Oh” in their lives to realize the “OH WOW!” sensations meant for all of us.

Kimberley believes that strong familial structures hold the ingredients required to achieve successful, thriving communities.  Those that respect and embrace the relationships and bonds inherent of the family unit increase their chances of raising productive/successful children, those who truly represent the promise and potential of a community.  Easier said than done; hence, we see the force behind TIME TO EXHALE, a life coach service provider established by Kimberley Ritter.

Time To Exhale - Mission


To cause people to recognize and accept that the requirements to be happy and successful in life are internal/within our being; to open ourselves to engage and partnership with the Creator who has planted the seeds for our success within and exhale because of the freedom that such relationship shepherds.

Time To Exhale - Mission


Kimberly envisions the feeling of completeness that we can all experience if we dare to team up with our Creator.  She has her sights on the greatness of our young ones, especially our young men; and Kimberly marvels at the success achieved when couples embrace the powers of effective communication.