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Who Has Set Your Standards?

What is beauty and intelligence? What is the definition of proper? What does excellence look like? Lastly, what is regarded as success? These questions emanated from a deeper question: who has set the STANDARDS by which these words are weighed? Were these standards set by culture, our own mind, parents or Hollywood? Or has it just been passed down from one generation to another?

As I sit back and reflect, I wonder who has framed my mindset and who told me that my mindset is the one to be accepted. I then began to understand why it is so difficult for us to accept each other. We say we love God but do we really?

Suppose the standards of beauty, intelligence, proper, excellence and success were set by God, and we were obligated to follow His standards; What would the world look like? Would what we consider style/fashion merit or would we be free to not look like each other? Would our hair (no matter the texture) be good enough for us if we looked at beauty from Gods perspective? Would we all be happy and share in each other’s success because we know that our success may not look identical but it’s success nonetheless? Would we then be able to say “let me celebrate and not hate because I am next in line for success… that may not look like anyone else success? Would it be possible for you to earn a 100 % on a test and for me to earn 60% on the same test but we are both still seen as intelligent because my intelligence is different from yours?

The word of God calls us to renew our mind daily. To obtain the peace we are all striving to attain, it is imperative that we all renew our minds to obtain the true standards of our Creator.

Read Romans 12

Renew your mind so you can Relax and Exhale!!

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Thank God Will do....


Somal Seebaran
Somal Seebaran
Jan 15, 2021

On point👍

Listen to I am loved by Maverick City

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