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The Process Leads to the Promise

We all want to make it to where we are going. And we want to get there in the quickest time ever. Many times we are so eager to make it; we take the easiest route in pursuit of the Promise. Whether it’s in the area of wealth, health, career achievements, stardom, a trip, making a family of our own or whatever else we may desire, we want it now and we want it fast. What we forget so many times is that there is a “PROCESS that LEADS to the PROMISE.”

How you handle the process makes the world of difference in how your progress goes on your way to Promise. If we prepare as much as possible, it makes the bumps easier to handle during the process but it won’t stop the bumps from appearing. We can’t avoid certain situations, but our perspective can sure shape our responses.

I can now say I am grateful for when I got fired. At the time, there was a lot of shame and bitterness and a bruised ego, however, I can now say that I am thankful for it; and every other time I was dumped or rejected or lost someone. I have experienced the feeling of loneliness, hurt, anger, rejection and bitterness. I am thankful for the difficult situations and/or what seems unfair. As I have now come to realize all of the pain and what appeared negative at the time was simply part of the Process leading to the Promise of who I am becoming…which I am loving!

The process allows us to build character which helps us to appreciate and welcome the Promise even more. I’m on my way to the Promise…..

Famous words of BUJU…..Yo see deh glamah and glittah so yo think a bed ah rose..Meh Say who feels it know oooohhoohh God help me sustain these blows.

Relax and Exhale! Trust the Process!

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3 Comments won't stop the bumps from appearing. Needed to hear this.


❤ Kimmy these Blogs are like you hearing my thoughts.(lol) Thank you for giving insight, I now have a better understanding. I'm on my way to the promise. I've dropped off some of the heavy baggage and my load is a lil bit lighter to carry. Not were I want to be but happy I'm not where I use to be. 🙏🏽❤


Carla Ritter
Carla Ritter
Nov 25, 2020

It’s uncanny how I just spoke to my son about something similar just last night. He is concerned about his life, specifically his progression. He’s wondering if him staying at home is hindering his growth; he’s considering moving stateside; should he pursue his masters degree now, etc.

I took the opportunity to share a few of my ups and downs in my life; failed marriages, self-esteem issues, weight loss and how I overcome my challenges. Small goals!! Make small goals that leads to the bigger picture for his life and trust in God. Never stay down when you fall down. Get up and keep moving forward. We have to go through things, good and bad, that will help us prepare…

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