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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

What storm are you facing now other than corona? Me, I have been dealing with past relationships of friends, lovers, acquaintances and jobs. I questioned why each ended the way that they did. Why do I have to feel rejected and pushed away?

BUT… this morning the sun was blocked as a dark cloud approached, heavy with rain…the rain poured out as the cloud passed by and yes!... It was bright again. I was left with an amazing smile, remembering that it always, ALWAYS gets better after the storm!

It’s all about your perspective…and your willingness to move on. In the Bible, James chapter one reminds me of the need to appreciate my situations because with the right perspective growth emerges from it.

So now, instead of worrying about hurts from the past, I can now appreciate the process which leads to the promise. If you accept the process, it leads to growth and ultimately leads to a better life. 

Relax! Exhale! It always gets better ☺.

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