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Coaching by

Kimberley Ritter

Certified Temperament Life Coach

Kimberley Ritter

A Time to Exhale

Offers the opportunity to engage in conversations and activities that will enhance your understanding of who you are, who you would like to be, or why you react in the manner that you do.

Coaching by Kimberley Ritter, a Certified Temperament Life Coach drives you towards the recognition of those internal and or external factors that are preventing you from EXHALING; preventing you from being your better self so that you can experience the benefits of EXHALING.

What is your Temperament?

Have you ever wondered why you behave or react as you do in situations?  Why you take the lead or comfortably allow others to direct you?  Why you get angry or repressive?  Why are you the “life of the party” or the “social butterfly” when others prefer not to be seen or heard?  How do you arrive at ideas or solutions easily or lack at making a contribution to the effort?  Why is it that others turn to you to get answers; to seek your guidance?  Why are you more prone to follow rules or divert to do your own thing?  Is it something within “me” that causes “me” to act or are external factors impacting “my” reactions and responses?


These are challenging questions that have caused many of us to pause and reflect; great questions to search for answers when we want to make a change – to improve our relationships; to enhance our lives.

Find Out Who

You Were Created To BE

Find Out How

You Best Relate

To Others

Work To

Attain Your


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